Too Busy To Exercise? You Need To Read This!

This post is for anyone who "thinks" they are too busy to exercise! Heather, a good friend of mine, is one of the busiest people I know. She has also made a commitment to fitness. She shared this personal story with me and here is an exerpt from it:

"Over the past three days or so, I’ve gained a better understanding of why women of my age (the specifics of which is an irrelevant detail) lose track of their gym passes and the will to fight the good fight on personal fitness.

I’m nowhere near quitting. I’ve done this for too long and believe that exercise tones a lot more than my body. It smooths out the rough spots in my emotions; it gives me spiritual muscle for Life’s considerable challenges. It gains me “thinking time,” enhancing my sense of perspective. It makes me smile more and wrinkle less."

Read the rest of the story. Have a great workout today!

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  2. This is impressive. I know all too well the hectic lives we lead with kids and all other chores, errands, life happening every minute. I strongly believe that without my exercise I would loose my mind, my children would have lunatic for a mommy and my husband, well he would have moved out by now. I have to do something everyday at some point so yes, it is important to make exercise a high priority. Great Job to Heather--she's doing awesome!

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