Weekend Nutrition Tips

Eating on the weekend can add weight to your body--quickly. You don't have to make yourself miserable because you are afraid to eat on the weekend! Just be sensible about it.

1) Don't stop your exercise program the whole weekend! Try to work out at least one day during the weekend.

2) Go easy on the condiments like sauces, dips, spreads, etc. They are loaded with calories.

3) Eat every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism ramped up and to avoid binge eating.

4) This rule always applies---if its fried, let it slide!

5) Alcohol has calories too---7 calories per gram to be exact. Don't tank it too much!

6) You don't have to eat until you are stuffed!

7) Don't spend all of your time eating at the parties. Work the room and talk a little.

8) Snack on some walnuts or almonds before you go to the party. They are good for you and you won't arrive at the party starving.

9) Drink lots of water at the party and you will eat less.

10) Allow yourself one dessert (or a sample of a few) during the party.

11) Never skip both your Monday and Friday workouts! If you do, you are likely to go 4 straight days without working out! This sometimes turns into months and years!

Go have fun!

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  1. First I have to say I'm so jealous of your warm Texas weather! I'm a native Texan living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota so your current 83 degrees sounds wonderful.

    Ok, I love this post about how much to eat, what to skip on and how often.

    I love #4 - if it's fried, let it slide.

    Thanks for helping keep us fit.

  2. Great tips!!! The weekends tend to be more difficult for me!!


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