Equipment Needed For A Great Workout? None!

That's right! You don't need equipment to workout! All you need is----YOU! You don't need a gym, health club, treadmill, bike, dumbbells, etc.

You can do a bodyweight workout at home, at the park, while waiting for your kid to finish practice or in a hotel room. It is the most convenient workout available so it takes away the "I'm too busy" excuse!

One of the best workouts to do is a full-body bodyweight workout. You don't need fancy fitness gadgets or gimmicks! Save your money! You can also concentrate on doing the exercises the right way before proceeding to add weights.

Here are some good bodyweight exercises:

1) Squats
2) Bridges
3) Planks
4) Back Extensions
5) Lunges
6) Step Ups
7) Pushups
8) Pullups
9) Seated Knee Ups
10) Run-In-Place
11) Jump Rope
12) Jumping Jacks
13) Tricep Dips on Bars
14) Hanging Leg Raises

If you do the workout circuit-style, the workout will be both a strength workout and a cardio workout. All you need is 30-45 minutes. There's a reason you don't see many people doing hanging leg raises and pullups! These are very tough exercises and two of the best for your abs and back muscles.

It is a good idea for kids (as early as age 4-5) to begin resistance training with bodyweight exercises. These exercises will stabilize and strengthen kids' bodies without the hazards of handling weights.

Try a bodyweight workout the next time you're sitting in front of the television!

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  1. Exacly!
    One does not need a membership at the gym in order to get fit!

    Very good lesson, and very good blog post.
    Keep up the good work in promoting a healthy lifestyle!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Some use "no gym membership" as an excuse for not getting started with exercise.


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