My Fitness Hut Endorses "The Pink Rotator"

As a personal trainer, I'm always looking for ways to help my clients improve exercise performance and functional living. It's hard to enjoy life if your shoulders aren't working properly! Many everyday movements involve the shoulder joint. There are many gimmicks and gadgets out there that you shouldn't waste your money on---"The Pink Rotator" (by Joint Mechanix) is not one of them!

Read about Sports Fitness Hut's endorsement of "The Rotator."

"The Pink Rotator" is designed to improve your shoulder performance. I have personally used "The Pink Rotator" and it is great for increasing shoulder flexibility, strength and range of motion. It is critical for you to have a full range of motion in the shoulder to make everyday living easier. It can also be used to rehabilitate range of motion and rotator cuffs. Anyone would be wise to use "The Pink Rotator."

The most convenient thing about "The Pink Rotator" is that it allows you to safely and correctly self-stretch your shoulder. You don't have to "figure out" what to do because it comes with complete, easy instructions.

Order "The Pink Rotator" today! With every purchase of "The Pink Rotator," Joint Mechanix will donate 10% of the revenues to help fund Breast Cancer Research! I will definitely recommend it to my clients.

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
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  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your strong testimonial about the Rotater. It's very encouraging when experts with the credentials that you possess describe the results they've received by using the Rotater.

    We've just returned from the National Athletic Trainers Association conference and are thrilled with the response from athletic trainers of every level.

    Thanks again,

    Chris Melton
    The Rotater

  2. No problem Chris! Products like this helps avoid injuries. Prevention is the key.


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