Personal Trainers Have Fitness Struggles Too, 2

There is a myth about personal trainers: since we love to work out (well, most of us do), we never have to "make ourselves" workout! Trust me, that is not true. There are some days that I just don't feel like working out.

Actually, when you are around something all the time, you have to be creative sometimes to keep it interesting. After I have designed tons of workouts for clients, what will be MY workout routine? For instance, this summer I started a routine that I will workout in the heat as much as possible. This sounds crazy but I love to be drenched in sweat and 100 degree heat accomodates me!

Life happens. Sometimes the events of life make it tough to do your job or anything else. Personal trainers are motivators. There are some days that I don't feel like motivating people. But guess what? I find a way to do it and I ALWAYS feel better.

So, what's the point? The point is this: we all have days when we have to make ourselves workout. Depending on your situation in life, you might have alot of days that you have to "will yourself" through. The commitment to fitness will get you through it. You will feel much better after that tough workout. I know I ALWAYS do!

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