Personal Trainers Have Fitness Struggles Too, 3

I hope you can see a pattern forming with these articles! Yeah, that's right! Personal trainers are just like you when it comes to fitness struggles. The major difference is this: personal trainers should maintain a high level of fitness and have solutions to your fitness questions.

So, let's talk about accountability partners (social support) today. Personal trainers need accountability partners too! An accountability partner is very important to help you succeed with your fitness goals! Don't try to reach your fitness goals alone!

My accountability partners include:

1) My clients. They expect and deserve a trainer who will "walk the talk." I often give clients a "freebie" (we workout together).

2) Friends. Chris, Brooke, Jonas, Rachel and Jackie know if I have been working out and vice-versa. We know what "where have you been?" means.

3) Admittedly, some personal trainers are "out of shape." Those of us who are serious about fitness keep each other in check.

Who are your accountability partners? Don't have one yet? Get one or more ASAP! You need some accountability partners to help you reach your fitness goals!

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