Runners Need Adequate Leg Strength

Leg strength is important for runners. There is a myth about leg strength which is this: If I run enough, my legs will get stronger. Wrong! The average marathoner has the leg strength of the average Joe (if she or he doesn't strength train)!

You should strengthen your legs with exercises like squats, step ups and lunges because these exercises use the same pathways that it takes to run with speed.

Don't worry about leg extensions too much because the quadriceps will get plenty of work with other exercises. Instead, focus on strengthening the hamstrings with exercises like hamstring curls, straight-leg deadlifts and good mornings. The quadriceps shouldn't be significantly stronger than the hamstrings.

If so, you are headed for injuries such as knee ACL tears. And, don't forget about your calf muscles. The calf muscles provide at least 30% of the strength and power it takes to run fast. Use calf raises (seated or standing) to strengthen the calves.

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