Vacations and Your Workouts

July and early August are traditionally heavy vacation months for many people (gas is $4 a gallon!)! Your workouts don't have to take a vacation! Just be a little creative and you can have fun on vacation and still workout. Here's a good goal: try to at least maintain your pre-vacation body fat and weight upon return from your vacation!

The picture above is my vacation condo location in Kissimmee, FL. It was easy to run in this location (just watch out for the alligators)!

Sometimes the location of your vacation can make working out fairly easy. For instance, if you are going to the mountains, hiking is an ideal exercise activity. And, if you are going to be close to a beach, running in the sand is a good exercise.

If you are staying in a hotel, most hotels have exercise rooms. Just plan your workouts along with your vacation. Afterall, you want health and fitness to be a part of your lifestyle.

Here are some more pointers for your workouts during vacation:

1) Take your stability (swiss) ball and a set of dumbbells with you. You can get in a good 30 minute workout anywhere with these two pieces of equipment.

2) If you don't want to take any equipment, then you can always do a bodyweight workout.

3) Take a jump rope with you. A 30 minute jump rope workout always works.

4) Plan fun games (such as water basketball, water polo, relays) with the family. The best exercise is fun exercise.

5) Visit the local health club where you will be vacationing. Some health clubs have agreements with your health club. A new workout atmosphere can be great motivation.

6) Plan a family hiking expedition if the vacation location allows for this type of activity.

7) Take your workout DVDs with you. They will probably work in your hotel television!

8) Stay on your nutrition plan at least 90% of the time! This is a tough one but you can do it!

I think you get the idea. Have a great vacation and stay safe!

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