Advantages Of Working Out With Dumbbells

I hear this phrase often, "I don't have any equipment to workout with." My answer is always the same--"you don't need much equipment to workout." You can do bodyweight exercises, run outside, jump rope or do calisthenics for your cardio and do dumbbell strength exercises.

Dumbbell workouts are superior to lifting weights on machines. Dumbbells allow you to use "natural body motion" as you perform the exercise. You can also perform dumbbell exercises in any plane of motion.

Machines and even barbells (sometimes) restrict natural movement. Machines typically use the sagittal plane of motion. Daily human movement uses all three planes of motion (sagittal, frontal, transverse).

Dumbbells allow you to train one-limb-at-a-time (unilateral training). Therefore, each arm and leg is forced to do "its share" of the work.

Also, if one arm or leg is stronger than the other, dumbbell work can correct the strength imbalance. Unilateral training also challenges the core more than bilateral training.

Along the same lines, dumbbell exercises improve your balance because they force weaker muscles to "catch up" with the stronger ones.

You can also do more challenging exercises such as single leg dumbbell deadlifts to improve your strength and balance. This will also challenge your nervous system more. Dumbbell workouts allow you to be more creative with your exercises such as doing a squat-to curl-to press movement.

Finally, dumbbell exercises are many times safer than the barbell counterparts. If you have to suddenly drop the weights, dumbbells are easier to discard.

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