Client Fitness Question Of The Week, 5

One of the top excuses that people make for not working out is: "I don't have time to workout!" This client question will take that excuse away!

Client Q: If you only had time to do 4 exercises, which ones would you recommend?

Mark's A: Squats, Deadlift, Seated Row and Bench Press. Together, these exercises will work your entire body.

Squats (bodyweight, dumbbell or barbell) and deadlifts (dumbbell or barbell) are compound exercises (multi-joint) and should be a part of your workout regimen. They require leg strength, core strength and good posture. These exercises also build muscle and burn fat. Some have experienced injury from doing squats and deadlifts because of incorrect technique.

The row exercise (also compound) has many variations. The back muscles targeted during the seated row exercise are the latissimus dorsi, teres major, middle trapezius and rhomboids (biceps are also worked).

For many, too little time is spent on strengthening the back muscles. When you don't adequately strengthen your back muscles, you are affecting your pulling potential. And, to have good upper body muscular balance, you need to work your backside as well as your frontside.

The bench press is a popular compound exercise and also has many variations. It primarily works the chest (pectorals), triceps and anterior deltoid muscles.

There it is! A great workout for the "busy" person! It works every time!

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  1. Excellent article.

    If people would just master the push, pull, and squat they would be well on their way to success.

  2. Agreed Corey! Thanks for the comment!


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