The Advantages Of Doing Exercises Standing Up

Remember how I talked about exercising hard and smart? Well, doing an exercise on your feet (closed-chain) activates more muscles and that's what you want.

For instance, the standing shoulder press will not only work your shoulders and arms but will also activate your core muscles.

And, since you are standing, your lower body also has to do some work. Your legs will also help you lift more repetitions during a set.

The seated shoulder press won't allow you to build the type of strength you will need in every day movements. You will never try to lift a heavy load while sitting! The standing shoulder press also burns more calories than the seated version. The seated shoulder press is useful for beginners or those recovering from injuries.

So, if you want maximum fat-burn and calorie-burn, plan your exercise routine with more standing exercises. You can sit down after your workout!

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Great advice - I never made the connection before, but standing to perform your exercises really should activate more muscles.

    Chris - the

  2. Good to hear from you Chris! Thanks for the comment!


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