Client Fitness Question Of The Week, 13

Some women "inherit" voluptuous rear ends and legs...this question deals with how a woman with this body type should train.

Client Q: I was "blessed" with an "ample" butt and meaty legs! How do I slim up and tone my butt and legs?

Mark's A: You basically have the body type of an endomorph. This means you are more rounded, voluptuous or sometimes chubby.

Endomorphs tend to have more body fat and need regular weight training, cardio training and good nutrition. Slow, steady-state cardio has been shown to transfer weight in women from the upper body to the lower body! I don't know any woman who wants this! So, interval cardio would work well for you and anybody else for that matter.

Full body circuit weight training (including bodyweight exercises) will tone your body in general. Always take a full body approach to exercising and use specific exercises to target your problem areas.

As for your lower body, these exercises are great for burning fat: single leg squats and squats of all types, lunges, step ups, leg curls and cable leg abductions/adductions.

Also, high-speed jump training, power exercises (like mountain climbers), stair-steppers and sprinting will sculpt your lower body.

Work hard and you will see the results you want!

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