Put Your Back Into Your Workouts

Strengthening your back muscles are very important for obvious reasons. Seventy to 80% of Americans have back pain (many times low back pain) at some point. The spine also needs to be protected. Flying in to help you is the superman back extension! This exercise also serves to strengthen your core muscles.

Superman back extensions also target the erector spinae muscle group surrounding the spine. Your hamstrings also contract strongly during this exercise and assist the erector spinae.

It is important to perform this exercise correctly or you will end up with the very thing you are trying to avoid----BACK PAIN OR INJURY.

The technique error I see most in those doing any back extension is hyperextension of the back. Hyperextension happens when you continue lifting your upper body past the point of a straight line (your back, hips and lower legs should line up). The picture shows correct technique.

Hyperextension will compress your vertebral discs. This important exercise should be included with your other back exercises such as rows, pullups and lat pulldowns.

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  1. I have to agree that this is incredibly important. I have been struggling off and on for years with lower back problems and every time that I actually concentrate on strengthening my lower back I am so much stronger in the core and have no problems with my back

  2. Thanks for the comment Billy! You are the proof that core training works!


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