I Saw The Greatest Man On Earth This Weekend!

No, I didn't see John McCain or Barack Obama...and I didn't see my favorite sports hero or movie star.....I saw my daddy this weekend! To me, he is the greatest man on earth for alot of different reasons.

Since I'm writing about fitness in this blog, I will use the reason that will help me make a point about reaching your fitness goals.

One of the best things my daddy instilled in me (and momma also) was how to have a positive outlook during any situation in life.....It is the outlook that "you can do it no matter what." Its the positive attitude that money can't buy!

So, what's your outlook on your health and fitness? Have you tried and tried different diets that just keep your weight yo-yoing? Been in a rut and just stopped exercising at all? Have you been on a "binge eating" tear? Or are you starving yourself trying to lose weight? Or, you just can't kick that "sugar habit?" Have you given up on improving your body composition?

Guess what? YOU CAN REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS--WITH WILLPOWER AND EXPERT GUIDANCE! YOU CAN DO IT NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU HAVE FAILED IN THE PAST! Start this week by adjusting your mental attitude to a more positive outlook!

You can do it no matter what!

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  1. Great post, Mark!
    "I believe in you" is one of the best messages a parent can give to a child. If said enough, the child, as a grown man or woman, will continue to say those same words to him/herself. Sounds like you were blessed with terrific parents...

  2. Thanks Heather and you're right...it makes all the difference!

  3. Ha! I didn't really think it was one of those two. Let me tell you one thing my dad instilled in me, the importance of exercise. I grew up near Chicago in the 60s and 70s when it was alot colder than it is now. Seeing my dad get out and run 4 miles regularly early in the morning was inspirational. Now he's 83 years old and he isn't a Jack Lelane but he is in the best shape of any 83 year old that I know. I'm in agreement, we can all do it - it takes will power!

  4. Thanks for the comment Tom! We could probably think of dozens of things our parents instilled in us.


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