Exercise Improves Sex And Sex Is Good Exercise!

There are alot of ways to exercise....you might as well include sex as "your most enjoyable form" of exercise! Research has proven that sex is good for your health. And, a regular exercise program will improve your self image, body composition and sex life.

A recent study shows that men who have sex at least three times a week cut their risk of a heart attack in half. I'll assume that women get at least the same heart health benefits from regular sexual activity. Other research has proven that walking briskly for 20 minutes, three times a week can help your heart health.

Research has also proven that a regular program of circuit weight training (including bodyweight exercises) and high intensity interval cardio will give you superior body strength/endurance and superior heart health.

Start or continue your regular exercise program!

Enough said! Now, go have fun and.........exercise!

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