Get In "Extra Ab Work" On Cardio Days

One of the things I have done for years is combine my cardio with "extra body part" strength training. One of the reasons I started doing this was because cardio is not my favorite thing to, I needed to make it interesting. Let's say you want to get in some more work on your quest for "6-pack abs"....

This is different than "spot training." The extra "ab work" is in addition to your regular full body strength training workout (preferably on a different day). And, you would only do the extra ab work 1-2 days a week. The workout would go something like this:

--10 minutes, interval cardio (sprint interval cardio on grass is my favorite)

--10-15 minutes, circuit training, 3-4 ab strength exercises

--10 minutes, interval cardio

This workout technique is a proven fat-burner and my clients have had success with it.

If you need to change up your workout routine or just need the extra work, then give it a try.

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