Get Maximum Benefits From Workouts---Without Machines!

The best workouts are the ones that you use natural body motions....that would leave out doing any exercise on a machine. Machines (Smith Machine to name one) limit your natural range of motion (try doing a squat on the Smith Machine and see how natural that feels---not!).....

To be fair, machine workouts can be beneficial for beginners. But, even beginners should not stay with the machines for too long. Why? Because machines also stabilize your body for need to develop strength that allows your body to stabilize itself. Also, no two people have the same exact motions.

Enter in bodyweight strength exercises and dumbbell strength exercises. These type of exercises allow you to train in all 3 planes of motion (machines usually limit you to training in 1 plane of motion--sagittal)...

I don't even recommend doing cardio exercise on machines. Cardio machines do alot of the work for you. Personally, running on cardio machines bores me to tears! Try doing sprint cardio intervals outside on grass and see how tough it is to fight against gravity, ground forces and the elements! You are forced to generate all the momentum and force.

Doing bodyweight strength exercises, dumbbell strength exercises and cardio exercise on grass will give you more calorie burn, more fat burn and will tone your body faster than doing the same exercises on machines.

Oh yeah, another benefit---YOU DON'T NEED A GYM MEMBERSHIP. You can do these types of workouts at home, at the park or at the school yard. And, you save travel time to and from the gym.

If you need bodyweight workouts that you can start at your own level, check out the Free download below (it has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels):

Free Bodyweight 500 Metabolic Fat Burner Workouts. Start shaping your body faster!

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