What's Your Fitness Plan For The Holidays?

You don't have a plan?.....you'd better get one or you could come out on the other side of the holidays not looking or feeling too well....

You see, that's what it means to make a lifetime commitment to fitness. Fitness just becomes a natural part of your life---no matter what time of year it is! There's plenty of ways to enjoy the holidays and still "get in" your exercise. And, you can "reasonably follow" your nutrition plan and still eat enough of holiday goodies. Just be creative like:

1) exercise during your favorite T.V. show....each T.V. show is at least 30 minutes,

2) take a brisk 20-30 minute walk at some point during the day,

3) matter of fact, walk as much as you can (Americans definitely ride too much to places they could walk to),

4) take advantage of the holiday season and use heart-healthy spices like cinnamon, peppermint and ginger to flavor food (instead of high-calorie, fattening sauces and dips),

5) hold to your regular workout schedule at least 90% of the time during the holidays,

6) be sure to keep your daily food journal during the holidays---don't let November and December become one long eating binge,

7) keep in contact with your accountability partner during the holidays,

8) commit to fitness now---don't wait until January,

9) exercise while your kid practices her or his team sport (its boring to just sit there anyway), and

10) its not rocket science---just stay active and eat sensibly during the holidays! Come up with your own creative ways to stay fit.

Celebrate and honor U.S. Veterans on their Day today!

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