Ab Curl Ups

The ab curl up is a good core exercise if done correctly.....your rectus abdominis (6-pack part of your abs) and obliques should do most of the work.....

Lie on your back, knees bent, arms crossed over your chest and feet flat on the floor.

Adjust your pelvis so that your lumbar spine (lower back area) is in the neutral position (slight gap between your back and the floor)....the lumbar spine should remain neutral so the low back is not injured. Your shoulders and neck shouldn't assist your abdominals during the movement.

The movement should be slow. Curl up and bring your chin towards your chest. Curl up through the upper back and not the neck. Maintain a neutral spine and brace your abs (as if someone is going to punch you in the gut). Keep your ears and shoulders in alignment.

Use your abdominals to curl your upper back off the floor. Don't move any other body part and keep your arms, shoulders, neck and legs relaxed as the abs pull you up. Your head and arms should curl up with your shoulders.

Stop once your upper back is off the floor. Don't tilt your pelvis or pull with your thighs to lift your upper body. Hold for 2-3 seconds and return slowly to the floor.

Use your abdominals to lower your upper back down to the floor....don't move your head or arms as you return to the start position.

You can add weight to your chest to make this exercise more difficult.

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