Exercise Standing Up And Stand More To Burn Fat

I have talked about the added benefit of doing as many exercises in a standing position as you can....

A "stand up" exercise will give you more strength benefits. Example: work your hip abductors standing up instead of sitting on that machine. Your core will also get more work when you do an exercise standing up.....and, you will burn more fat and calories.

Well, research proves that when you sit, your fat-burning enzymes basically shut down....when you stand during the day, those fat-burning enzymes go to work for you! If you have a sit-down job, try to stand as much as you can during the day and take walking breaks and lunches to activate those fat-burning enzymes! Any activity is good to go along with your regular workouts.....those burned calories add up!

So, walk or bike when you have that option instead of always hopping in the car to go places....before you know it, most of your day will be active!

Bonus Tip: Brace your torso during the day as you sit, stand and walk and your abs will get extra work also! Bracing would be like "getting ready to take a punch in the gut!"

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