Exercising After A Long Layoff

This time of year, many people are excited to be exercising again and trying to get more fit and healthy.....the excitement is good but remember that you didn't get "out-of-shape" overnight and you won't get "in shape" overnight.....

Don't push yourself too hard, too fast! If you do, then these types of things will happen to you:

1. Shin splints
2. Achilles tendinitis
3. Muscle pulls and strains
4. Plantar Fasciitis
5. Low back pain
6. Joint pain/injuries

You'll need to change your eating habits or you won't see the progress that you want.

If its been a year since you have exercised regularly, you need a physical exam to get clearance to begin a serious exercise program such as My Fitness Hut's Fat Blaster Athletic Training System.

Long story short, make a lifetime commitment to fitness and not just a "New Year's Resolution!" You won't be sorry!

Stay strong and positive to change your body and health!

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  1. I had a shin splints encounter when I first tried running (high school lacrosse), and they about did me in. It was a matter of not being physically ready for the intensity of the exercise.
    When I began running for real in college, I eased into it at a pace that felt right for me, and that made all the difference. I enjoyed it, expanded my exercise options and turned it into a lifestyle choice.
    It's SO important to build the appropriate muscles as you go and much easier to move steadily ahead than recover from an early injury!
    Good advice, Mark.

  2. Great story Heather! Thanks for the visit! Will you be my trainer? :)


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