Super Bowl Food Tips

Nobody loves football more than me and I actually know the strategy of the game more than the average Joe or Jane.....Pittsburgh has the better team and should win but let's play the game and see what happens.....The New York "Football" Giants proved that last year!

Super Bowl day is a national holiday and with every holiday comes good food and are a few "nutrition and exercise rules" to follow since deprivation is not the sensible way to go:

1. Stay active during Super Bowl Sunday...try a good 'ol touch football game or walk as much as possible. Housework always works too!

2. Workout on Saturday and Monday for sure! You need "bookend workouts" around Super Bowl Sunday!

3. Go light on the sauces and dips....they are loaded with calories and fat. The same rule applies to eating desserts.

4) Stick to your normal meal plan as much as possible. Go back to your normal nutrition on Monday! Don't skip work on Monday :)

5) This rule always applies to any day---if its fried, let it slide!

6) Alcohol has calories too---7 calories per gram to be exact. Don't tank it too much!

7) Drink lots of water and you will eat less.

Have fun!

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