Burn More Body Fat By Cutting Sugary Drinks

Cut out sugary sodas and sweet drinks (including sweet fruit juices)...try it for a week and see how much fat you lose in your gut! Take this small step to change your eating habits and dramatically cut your calorie intake....Replace sugary drinks with with water and drinks like unsweetened tea.

A 12-ounce can of soda has as much as 13 teaspoons of sugar in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). If HFCS is the first or second ingredient listed, the product is heavily "laced" with HFCS. Other sweet foods are also high in HFCS.

Nutritionists point to HFCS consumption as a major player in the nation's obesity crisis (the fact that we eat it is the real problem).

According to government data, sweetened soft drinks add about 10 percent of the calories in the typical American's diet.

Dr. David Ludwig, a Harvard endocrinologist, who is widely cited by obesity researchers, says that sweetened drinks are the only specific food that clinical research has directly linked to weight gain. "Highly concentrated starches and sugars promote overeating, and the granddaddy of them all is sugar-sweetened beverages," said Ludwig, who runs the Optimal Weight for Life Program at Children's Hospital in Boston.

Have you successfully cut out sugary drinks (or similar)? How did you do it? Comment and let us know!

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  1. I have cut out sugary drinks pretty much altogether. I just did it by forcing myself to read as much as I could about high fructose corn syrup, and also about the sweeteners in diet soda. After enough knowledge, I just lost the appetite for it. I also tried to focus on drinking more water instead of drinking less soda. When you are getting your eight glasses, you really don't get thirsty for soda anymore! Every once in a while I will have a mixed drink with soda made with real cane sugar (from Whole Foods). I can definitely taste the difference now!

  2. Roxy,

    Thanks for the visit and comments! Congrats on your law degree! Sometimes it helps to know how bad some foods are for us....keep educating yourself about fitness!


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