Burn More Fat With Simple Exercise....Sprinting!

You don't have to be fast.....just run as fast as you can and that is your sprint!

You're not trying to win a race, you're trying to burn fat! Sprinting is one of the best body-sculpting and fat-burning exercises out there! It also gives you superior heart-health!

Stop looking for the next "secret exercise" to get you in shape....do sprint intervals for 3-4 weeks and see what a difference it'll make in your fitness and physique! Fight through the first tough week of soreness (you'll feel muscles you didn't think you had!)

Its simple to do: 20 minutes total time, do this rotation, sprint 50 yards (on grass) and walk back. Try to get in at least 10 sprints. If you are running on treadmill, sprint 20-30 seconds and walk 1 minute.

Note** IF you are a beginner or out-of-shape, you may need to run half-speed or three-quarters speed and work your way up to full-speed.

You won't get bored doing this cardio routine but don't do it more than 2 times a week....your body will need to recover. Go for it!

What cardio routines are you doing to keep it interesting? Let us know!

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