Fat-Burning Cardio Technique

You know that cardio bores me to tears so I have to keep it interesting.....here is a research-proven cardio technique that works to burn more fat and calories...

Break up your interval cardio session into 2 parts, each 15 minutes long. Here is how it works:

1. Pick your cardio machine of choice (my first choice is running outside and second choice is treadmill).

2. Warm up 3-5 minutes.

3. First 15 minute session: do this rotation - sprint 30 seconds, walk or jog 1 minute.

4. Rest for 10 minutes.

5. Second 15 minute session: do the same rotation as above.

Its that simple! Research has proven that you will burn more fat and calories using this method....and, its another way to do your cardio....try it next time out!

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  1. This cardio technique simply rocks. This is so easy to follow.



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