Fat-Burning Workout, Post-Super Bowl

Remember those "bookend workouts" you were going to do on Saturday and Monday? I know you did your Saturday workout, so here's a good fat-burning workout for today...

1. Bodyweight Y Squats, 15 repetitions, moderate pace
2. Pullups, 8-10 repetitions, moderate pace
3. Pushups, 15 repetitions, moderate pace
4. Dumbbell Step Ups, 10 each leg, moderate pace
5. Medicine Ball Diagonal Chops, 10 each side, Fast
6. Plank, 15 second hold, 12 repetitions
7. Bodyweight Side Lunges, 10 each leg, moderate pace
8. Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat circuit

Do this circuit 3 times. Try not to rest between exercises. I did this workout on Saturday and I will do a variation of it today.

Happy fat-burning!

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