Reach Your Fat Loss Goals

Some people don't reach their fat loss goals because they never set fat loss goals (or the goals are unrealistic)!

Part of the first fitness consultation with a personal trainer will include you identifying WHY your fitness goals have failed in the past. Another part of the consultation is for you to VISUALIZE and set REALISTIC fitness goals.

Goal setting is a problem for many for various reasons. Here are a few:

1. Fear of failure. Many have tried over and over to lose fat and weight. Its hard to keep trying. Its easier to quit.

2. Low self esteem. This affects every area of life and not just fitness goals.

3. Achieving fitness goals takes hard, smart work. Unfortunately, some just don't want it that bad.

4. Confidence in the methods. Many people have used fat loss methods that don't work such as pills, patches, powders, etc. So, they are skeptical that a personal trainer's methods will work.

5. Perseverance. Remember I said that the commitment to a fit lifestyle trumps all other fitness goals. There will be setbacks and failures along the way. If you commit to the fit lifestyle first, you will reach your goals with the right guidance.

LIFE HAPPENS. Life doesn't care that you have fitness goals. Perseverance is the key. Try as hard as you can today and do the same tomorrow and the next will reach your goals with some expert guidance!

You have to be honest with yourself to set fitness goals. Sometimes the truth hurts. That's okay. Just make the commitment and get the guidance and support you need to reach your goals!

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