Kindergarten Taught You About Fat-Burning

How does the saying go? Everything you ever needed to know, you learned in kindergarten....or something like that....

You learned alot about fat-burning in kindergarten. I don't ever remember going to a health club to workout as a youngster.....if you're waiting for the "next get-fit secret" to come out, you're wasting your time! Just take the lessons you learned in kindergarten!

1. Remember how active you were as a kid.....staying active still works as an adult...walk as much as you can during the makes a huge difference by keeping your metabolism active during the day. Research proves that your fat-burning enzymes "shut down" when you are sitting.

2. Remember the exercises you did in kindergarten: pushups, jump rope, monkey bars, relays, pullups, kickball, situps, running around at recess, etc. Sounds like bodyweight exercises and great cardio to me.

3. Oh yeah, I ate alot of oatmeal for breakfast and tuna for lunch.....there's nothing new folks!

What are you waiting on? Get started exercising already! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

If you need bodyweight workouts that you can start at your own level, check out the Free download below (it has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels):

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