Social Support Make Bootcamps Popular

Bootcamps work because of your hard work and the SOCIAL SUPPORT you get from support is a leading indicator that you will stay on the fitness track...some have workout partners like a friend, spouse or teammate.....others use a personal trainer....

Unless you plan to participate in a bootcamp for years and years, you need some other forms of social support and other forms of working out.....

Use a fitness bootcamp as part of your long-term commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle. My question to anyone thinking about participating in a bootcamp is this: What are your fitness goals? Your answer will tell me whether a bootcamp will have long-term benefit for you.

If your bootcamp experience isn't part of a permanent commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle, then you are not going to get the permanent fitness results you want (a lean and toned body). Permanent fitness results take longer than any 1 or 2 week bootcamp. The bootcamp will just be a quick fix for you. That sounds harsh but I see the quick fix scenario too much out there.

I don't do bootcamps because I prefer to work with people 1 on 1. Individualized attention (and immediate feedback) to clients holds them and me accountable for real, lasting results (fat loss and weight loss).

What's your experiences with bootcamps or group exercise classes?

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  1. I have never done a class. It's been easier to commit to fitting fitness into my day than to commit to any specific time slot.

    There are some interesting options at my new gym, though. I may eventually try one or two just to expose myself to some new challenges, but I think you're right that, ultimately, you HAVE to be your own motivator. A boot camp might provide a running start, but you'd better generate the desire to keep it in motion.

  2. Well said Heather! You just "get the exercise in" most walking down the street and doing 20 minutes of interval cardio...thanks for the visit!


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