Exercise On-The-Go During March Madness!

Yes, you can get in your "exercise on-the-go" during "March Madness" tournament games! It just takes a little creativity and dedication....

Remember, exercise should be fun for you or you will probably quit sooner rather than later.....so, between (or during) your game-watching parties and South by Southwest Music Festival--SXSW (here in Austin), get in your exercise! Here are some tips:

1. Walk everywhere during SXSW and you'll be exhausted at the end of the day. If you're watching games, exercise during the game with bodyweight exercises.

2. Play some "pick-up" basketball games and pretend you made the "buzzer-beater" that won the game!

3. Go on a 45 minute bike ride between games or walk your dog.

4. Rake all the leaves in your yard between games! This might last through a few of the games!

5. Get up early and get your workout in before all the festivities start up!

Just don't go all weekend and do nothing! If you do, you'll be 10-15 pounds heavier!

Have fun!

Do you have your own stories of "exercise on-the-go?" Let us know!

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