Run Backward and Forward To Burn More Fat

Change up your cardio routine by running backward (back pedal) and will challenge your body in a different way and see more fat burning results...

Running backward (see picture above) and forward is an interval cardio routine that I do often. As a defensive back in college, I was running backwards, sideways and every other way all the time (trying not to get burned by the receiver)!

This is how it works (do this rotation 5 times without rest):

--back pedal 10 yards, fast (pump arms fast and lean shoulders over the feet)

--sprint forward 10 yards (keep your feet pumping between the transition from back pedaling to running)

--walk 1 minute between rotations

--do the rotation 9 more times (20 minutes total workout time)

Go for it! Burn more fat with backward and forward running interval cardio!

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