Farmer's Walk, Jump And Run For Cardio

Ever did the farmer's walk with a pair of heavy dumbbells? It is one of the best full body exercises going. Be sure to keep a strong, upright posture throughout the walk....

Friday is a good day to keep it light and try something a little different. This is a good cardio workout that I will sometimes do.

Try this farmer's walk-based cardio workout:

--Farmer's Walk (pictured above) - walk for 1 minutes with the heaviest dumbbells you can carry with good posture.

--Squat Jumps - 10, fast

--Farmer's Walk - walk 1 minute

--Back Pedal 10 yards and Run Forward 10 yards - 5 times, fast

--Farmers Walk - 1 minute

--Jump Rope - 2 minutes, fast

--Farmer's Walk - 1 minute

--Jumping Jacks - 2 minutes, fast

Rest 2 minutes and repeat circuit. I think you will like this cardio workout. The farmer's walk engages many muscle groups in your body and that leads to more calorie burn and fat burn.

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
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