Medicine Ball Chop With Knee Lift

The medicine ball chop with knee lift is a good exercise to help you prevent injuries in your games, yardwork or running events. You are working multiple muscle groups in different planes of motion (at the same time).

Injuries of the torso (such as oblique strains/pulls) hurt like crazy and are hard to recover from....its better to avoid these types of injuries! Trust me, its hard to sleep at night with pulled oblique muscles! Every little movement hurts bad!

You should perfect this movement before doing this exercise at full speed.

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and a slight bend in your knees.

2. Grip a medicine ball with both hands above your head.

3. Lift your right knee up until your thigh is parallel with the ground. Twist your upper body to your right side, chopping the medicine ball down to the outside of your right thigh.

4. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat on other side.

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