Memorial Day Weekend Eating Tips

Just a few Memorial Day Weekend eating tips for you....remember, your workouts will keep everything in check! Here are some tips to help you navigate through the holiday food minefield:

1) Don't stop or slack off on your exercise program during the Memorial Day weekend! And, if you aren't exercising, this would be a great time to start. I have a goal of at least trying to maintain my pre-holiday weight during the long weekend.


2) Go easy on the food condiments and other sauces. They are loaded with calories.

3) Stick to your normal MEAL PLAN as much as possible during the holiday. Go back to your normal nutrition on Tuesday!

4) This rule always applies to any day---if its fried, let it slide!

5) Alcohol has calories too---7 calories per gram. Don't tank it too much!

6) You don't have to eat until you are stuffed! Just eat enough.

7) Don't spend all of your time eating during the holiday. Walk around the mall for a couple of hours, walk the pets everyday, do housework, play flag football, cut the lawn, etc.

8) Drink lots of water and you will eat less.

9) Allow yourself one dessert a day (or a sample of a few) It's okay since you are going to exercise----right?

10) Here's something that also works for any day: start your day with a workout and toward the end of your day take a long walk in the park or at the lake.

Happy Memorial Day Holiday weekend!

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  1. "Don't eat until you are stuffed"

    You DO realize it's Memorial day at the time of writing?? Haha Kidding! Great advice!

    I miss Memorial Day. I live in Canada now (was born here). Lame holidays! haha

  2. Hey Matt...that's why I said your workouts will keep everything in check :) !


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