Michael J. Fox Teaches About Fat Loss

Yes, I learned about fat loss from Michael J. Fox last night! What an incredible dude he is! Unless you have been living in a cave, you know that he has had Parkinson's Disease for years.

The lesson he teaches us is how he deals with his disease....he had everything you could ever want: beautiful wife, beautiful kids, super stardom and mega-money! He still has all those things along with dealing with his debilitating disease.

Watching his special show last night, he talked about being an "incurable optimist." Its this attitude that has allowed him to not let Parkinson's Disease change his great attitude about life. He's using his situation to help others.

And, that's the lesson for me and you when it comes to fat loss (and life)....don't let it control you! Don't let any situation control your attitude! Easier said than done!

Thanks for the lesson Michael! Now what was that I was complaining about yesterday? Never mind!

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