Exercise And Eat Right During Summer Travel

Everything is looser in the summer so keeping up with exercise and eating right is a huge challenge! Since the clothes are looser, you want to look good, right?! Well, take some steps to stay in shape during the summer. Your months of hard work can take a big hit in just 2-3 weeks if you're not careful!

While you are busy doing your travel and running around this summer, don't forget your summer workout schedule! You can still exercise and do everything you need to do this summer! You just have to be a little creative.

For me, summer is my favorite time to workout because I love to workout in 100 degree heat.....I'm a little wacky so I realize this doesn't work for many people. For one, allergies are a big problem for many people so outdoors workouts can be a big problem.....others hate the scorching heat!

So, here's some summer exercise tips for you:

1. Never skip both your Friday and Monday workouts! If you do this, you will probably go 4 full days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Monday) without working out. Four missed workout days could turn into weeks, months, summers and years!

2. Exercise during your kid's practices. Why sit around for 1-2 hours watching kids practice? Take advantage of the time and walk or jog.

3. Get a stability ball, medicine ball and dumbbells to exercise while watching television reruns.

4. Walk or bike to the store a few blocks away instead of driving. Walk everywhere you can, every day! It really makes a difference.

5. Exercise at your hotel while on vacation.

6. Take advantage of the summer family discounts at the local health club and go exercise with your kids.

7. Don't forget to "reasonably" (at least 90% compliance) stay on your meal plan during the summer!

8. Remember that sweating has nothing to do with losing fat or weight! Sweating just cools down your body. A caloric deficit (burning more calories than you consume) will cause you to lose weight.

9. Plan your menus and pack your food while on vacation or on the go. This will help you avoid the fast food trap and binge eating.

10. Have fun! Change up your exercise routine and include fun exercises like jump rope games, dancing, relay games, obstacle courses and speed hop-scotch. You could also play in a rec soccer, basketball or flag football league....oh yeah, go swimming for fun and exercise!

Take care this summer, have fun and keep exercising! Take advantage of the extra daylight during the summer and stay active!

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
My Fitness Hut


  1. Fitness is very important to have. Everyone would want to have fit body. You have mentioned some good ways to exercise. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Jimmy....thanks for the visit! I hope you continue to stay fit and help others do the same!


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