Mountain Climbing Requires Core Strength

If you want to be a mountain climber, you need massive amounts of core strength and muscle says my friends Brian and Jackie, who finished successfully climbing to the summit of Mt. Ranier! I'm not going to argue with them! I'm impressed---congrats, you two!

All movement begins with the core and many injuries can be traced to a weak core area. WE KNOW THE SAYING---YOU'RE ONLY AS STRONG AS YOUR "WEAKEST LINK." Well, this saying definitely applies to your body. Many people work certain favorite body parts when exercising. In and of itself, this is not a bad thing. But for your training to be effective, you should focus training your "weak links" first while also training the other body parts as well.

For many, the "weakest link" is the core. Weak cores lead to back and other related trunk injuries. Others have weak opposing muscle groups. An example would be having strong triceps but weak biceps, or strong chest muscles but weak back muscles.

Another problem for many is not stretching all muscle groups, which will give you an unbalanced physique and poor posture. This leads to injuries. So, what's the solution? Do full body strength workouts, which will include core strength exercises and total body flexibility exercises. This way your workouts will focus on your "weak links" while training the other parts of your body.

Oh yeah, Brian and Jackie also talked about the importance of doing cardio exercise!

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