Movement Burns Calories

All movement burns calories, so get moving already! Matter of fact, don't wait until your workout to get moving! Every burned calorie counts no matter how you get it done!

Here's some pointers to get you moving around all day:

1. Walk during your breaks at work.

2. Walk 20 minutes first thing in the morning or at the end of your day.

3. Walk or bike to the store instead of driving.

4. Walk the stairs instead of riding in the elevator.

5. Do exercises while watching your favorite television show.

6. Do exercises on the stability ball at home.

7. Do yardwork.

8. Take family walks.

9. Do house chores.

10. Buy a jumprope and use it!

"My Fitness Hut's Fat Blasting, Body Sculpting Tips" eBook will show you how to put it all together---nutrition, strength training, cardio training, breaking bad-habits and taking advantage of ALL THE TIME you have during the day (to burn calories and burn fat).

For instance, you can improve your core strength (and help tone your abs) when you sit, stand, walk and run during the day! You don't have to wait until your workout!

Be sure and download your Free Bodyweight 500 Metabolic Fat Burner Workouts and start shaping your body faster!

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