Upper Body Muscle Imbalances Cause Injuries

Upper body muscle imbalances are almost a certainty with any new client that I get...in other words, the frontside of the upper body is usually much stronger than the backside of the upper body. Why? Because much more time is usually spent strengthening the frontside with exercises like the bench press, ab crunches and bicep curls! This is a big mistake!

Build your back muscles to avoid injuries and keep your upper body in muscular balance. Many of you put too much training time on the frontside of your upper body. Your backside is an important part of your core muscles so don't ignore them!

Seventy to 80% of Americans have back pain (many times low back pain) at some point. The spine also needs to be protected. Here are some common back exercises that I do on a regular basis:

--single arm bentover row or seated row
--pullups or chinups
--back extension or superman back extension
--cobras, planks, superman and bridges
--lat pulldowns
--inverted rows
--deadlift, good mornings and squats

When you don't adequately strengthen your back muscles, you are affecting your pulling potential and risking injury.

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