4 Tips to Burn Fat With Jump Rope

That's right! Burn more fat with jump rope exercises. Stop looking for the next big fat loss secret. Pull the jump rope out of the closet and starting burning fat.

The jump rope is one of the most underutilized tools to burn fat and tone your body. Its also fun, once you learn how to jump well. Don't be discouraged or embarrassed if you're a little clumsy at first. Its worth putting in the practice. Keep your rope with you at all times---especially during the summer.

Research confirms that exercising at a fast or explosive pace (short bursts) will shape and sculpt your body better because these types of exercises activate your bulkier, shapely fast twitch muscle fibers as found in the butt, hips and thighs.

Here are 4 easy, effective ways to use the jump rope in your workouts:

Note: Use your hands and wrists to propel the rope and not your arms. Your feet should remain on the ground as little as possible as you jump on the balls of your feet and not on your toes. Focus on jumping with very little vertical height.

1. Do jump rope intervals for your cardio workout. A good 20-minute routine would be to jump rope for 1 minute and walk for 2 minutes. Do this rotation for 20 minutes. Try to jump as fast as you can.

2. Jump rope for 10 minutes before your strength trainng workout. This technique will really get your heart rate up.

3. Jump rope for 30-45 seconds between each strength training set. These lower body cardio blasts will really get your heart rate up.

4. Jump rope for 10 minutes after your strength training workout. If you have had a really tough workout, you can burn fat for fuel because you have used your glycogen stores (from carbohydrates) during your strength training workout.

All of these jump rope exercises will help you burn more calories and fat before and after your workout.

As you improve your technique, try jumping with one foot at a time, back pedal jumps, slalom jumps, front-to-back jumps, etc.

Jumping rope will also help improve your balance, coordination and overall body tone.

So, start jumping already!

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


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