Fat-Burning, Speed-Based Workouts

Fat-burning, speed-based workouts give you maximum benefits in minimum time! One 20-minute, speed-based workout will burn tons of calories and fat---during and after your workout!

Speed-based workouts don't have to be "running only" workouts. But, running sprints are usually included in a speed-based workout. Working out at a fast pace has been proven to shape and sculpt your body better because these type of workouts activate your bulkier, shapely fast twitch muscle fibers.

If you are going to use a fat-burning, speed-based workout, you need to learn correct running mechanics! Many people I see running have terrible running mechanics! Bad running mechanics make your workouts inefficient and many times lead to injuries.

You should master the basic running mechanics to become faster and more efficient. Posture, arm action and leg action are keys to improving your speed and efficiency.

Other fat-burning, speed-based exercises you can do during your workout are jumps, medicine ball exercises and agility drills. Master bodyweight speed exercises before progressing to assisted or weight-bearing speed exercises.

Your body also needs adequate strength (including core strength) and speed strength (power) for you to reach your running speed potential.

Running and jumping will not give you the leg strength you will need to sculpt your legs and improve your running speed. You should strengthen your legs with exercises like squats, step ups and lunges because these exercises use the same pathways that it takes to run with speed.

And, don't forget about your calf muscles. Your calf muscles provide at least 30% of the strength and power it takes to run fast. Use speed calf raises (seated or standing) to strengthen the calves.

You have to train fast to get faster, burn more fat and better sculpt your body! Too much distance running will defeat your goal of improving your speed. When training for speed, distance running should be kept to a minimum because it reduces explosiveness.

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