Bodyweight Exercise Series: Burpees!!

The bodyweight burpee exercise sounds kind of gross but it burns body fat like crazy and its good for you! Burpees! Ughhh! Seriously, always do burpees under control with good technique.

You know I don't like fitness gadgets, gimmicks, weight loss pills/powders/patches or any quick weight loss scheme.....

If you need to change up your high intensity interval cardio routine, here is a great choice----do full speed burpees for 20 me, it is a great full-body exercise that will increase your strength endurance, power and anaerobic conditioning (remember, aerobics is an exercise done for more than 2 straight minutes).

Exercises like sprints and jumps are anaerobic. Research has proven that anaerobic conditioning will give you superior fat loss and heart health.

You can use the burpee exercise as an interval cardio routine to ramp up your fat-burning and conditioning:

--1 minute full speed burpees
--2 minutes walk or jog
--Do this routine for 20 minutes and you're done!

From a squat position with your hands on the floor, kick your feet back to a pushup position. Quickly return your feet to the squat position and jump as high as you can from the squat position. Repeat this exercise at full speed for 1 minute. Whew! Walk or jog for 2 minutes and burpee again.

Go for it!

Train hard and safe.

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