Visualization Leads To Weight Loss

Visualization can help you lose weight, burn fat and get the lean and toned body you want. Visualize exactly what body you want, obtain the tools and information you need to succeed and work hard (never quitting) to acheive healthy weight loss and fat loss.

Visualize yourself with the body and health you always wanted. BE SPECIFIC. And then (actualization) actually take steps to make it happen (you might need some professional guidance). And, it will happen. Don't be afraid to set high, realistic weight loss goals. Research has proven that low goals or no goals usually leads to very little, lasting weight loss and fat loss success.

Here is an example of visualization becoming reality from last night's NFC Championship football game won by the New Orleans Saints.

The kicker who made the winning field goal, Garrett Hartley, visualized (the previous night) making a 42 yard field goal from the right hash mark. He called his dad the night before to tell him about his "vision" of making the winning field goal.

The winning field goal was 40 yards from the right hash mark!

Athletes use visualization all the time to imagine themselves making a particular play. Didn't we visualize all the time in our backyards growing up....remember hitting the game-winning homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning?

Start today visualizing or re-visualizing your weight loss and fat loss success. Start making it happen.

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