Bodyweight Exercise Series: Ab Ball Rollout

The bodyweight ab ball rollout is a great core exercise that doesn't put your low back at risk for injury. At the same time, this exercise requires that you have an adequate amount of low back muscle strength and stability.



1. Start with the ball in front with your elbows on the ball.

2. Roll the ball out slowly and keep your abs braced (as if taking a punch to the gut). As you straighten your torso you will feel your abs stretch and extend. Return to the starting position.

Try the ab ball rollout the next time you workout.

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  1. Looks fun doing that outdoors - i think people often don't explore the possibility of exercising in the daylight, seems like a good idea though! Cheers for sharing :)

  2. Hi Jessica....yes, I think exercising outdoors is the best ever...I like your site...take care


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