Friday Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Its been a long week and sometimes you just need a good, short Friday cardio workout....

If you're bored with running on machines or biking for cardio exercise, try a jumping bodyweight cardio workout! Jumping is one of the best ways to tone and shape your lower body and you won't get bored!

You don't need any machines---just get your body ready for some very intense exercise. If you have knee or low back problems, this type of workout is not for you....

Here is a jump bodyweight cardio workout:

--jump rope, two feet, full speed, 1 minute
--squat jumps, 10, full speed
--jump rope, right foot, full speed, 30 seconds
--jump rope, left foot, full speed, 30 seconds
--tuck jumps, 10, full speed
--depth jumps (off knee-high platform), 10
--rest 1 minute and repeat circuit 2 more times. 20 minutes total workout time.

Rest more after each circuit if needed. Take rest between exercises if needed. If you can't do an exercise full speed, then try half speed or three quarters speed until you improve.

Happy fat-burning Friday!

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  1. Seems like some good cardio exercises I will have to try out at home.


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