Tone Butt and Hamstrings With Leg Curls

Leg curls are great for toning your lower butt and hamstrings. Leg curls also help you avoid hamstring and knee injuries.

Hamstring injuries can have a long recovery period. Its best to avoid hamstring injuries. And, weak hamstrings can lead to other serious injuries. For example, females tend to have weaker hamstrings because they use their quadriceps muscles more while walking and running. This means females use their strong quadriceps muscles and do not adequately activate their weak hamstrings. The two opposing muscle groups would not be balanced in this situation.

The hamstring muscle group acts to protect the anterior cruciate knee ligament (ACL) and the opposing quadricep muscle group places stress on the ACL. So, if you are quadricep dominant, you are placing excessive stress (and many times serious injury) on the knee ACL.

If you don't have a leg curl machine available, just do your leg curls with the medicine ball.

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