Tone Hips And Butt With Lateral Lunge Steps

Tone your hips and butt (glutes) better by including lateral lunge steps in your workout routine.

Butt, hips and thigh fat can be stubborn fat areas for many women and men. Doing dynamic leg exercises on your feet will help you burn more leg fat and calories.

Sprints also help you burn fat faster. Sprinting is one of the best ways to help get your legs and total body lean and toned.

You will also improve your dynamic flexibility with lateral lunge steps. As an exerciser, you MUST improve your dynamic flexibility in the frontal plane of motion (side to side movements).

The exercise is done by shifting your weight to the right and then to the left followed by a pivot. This leaves you facing in the opposite direction and the exercise is repeated.

The frontal plane of motion is often "under-trained" by exercisers and that's a big mistake! Many daily movements are done with side-to-side or lateral motions. You will prevent many injuries by developing strong, flexible hips and glutes.

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