Thanksgiving Day Workouts

If you get the chance, do a short Thanksgiving Day workout. It will help you burn calories, stay energized and alert the rest of the day.

I like to get in workouts the night before and the morning of Thanksgiving day. I will enjoy the full Thanksgiving meal and desserts with no guilt at all!

Here is my night before Thanksgiving workout:

1) Chest press, 4 sets/10 repetitions
2) Bentover DB Rows, 4 sets/10 repetitions
3) Standing DB Shoulder Press 4 sets/ 10 repetitions
4) Step Ups (knee high platform), 4 sets, 10 repetitions each leg
5) 20-minute interval cardio on treadmill

Here is my workout Thanksgiving morning:

1) 20-minute interval cardio on treadmill
2) Front Chops with 35 lb. plate, 6 sets/15 repetions
3) 10-minute interval cardio on treadmill

And then it will be time to eat! Happy Thanksgiving!

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