Office Workers' Weight Gain Risk

It doesn't take a genius to know that office workers move less during the day and face weight gain risks. Sitting at a desk all day or being confined to a cubicle restricts your movement. And, since all movement burns calories, office workers have to take steps to manage weight.

According to a new study from the Université de Montréal, office workers have become less active over the last three decades and this decreased activity may partly explain the rise in obesity.

I'm not sure it required a study to discover this finding but I'll take it. Fitness trainers look for solutions to weight gain and fat gain.

If you are an office worker, here are some tips to help you manage your weight:

1. Take advantage of your office space during breaks or lunch.
You can easily fit in a 15-20 minute workout with the following exercises:

--ab curl ups
--triceps dips
--bodyweight squats or lunges
--dumbbell exercises like shoulder presses and rows
--calf raises
--planks and bridges

You could rotate brisk walks with these exercises during your breaks. Also, use your space for flexibility exercises, pilates or yoga. Working a desk job can cause postural problems such as rounded shoulders, tight hip flexors and stooped over posture.

If you walk around at work most of the time, you have the movement already needed. You can still do the strength exercises listed above. Strength exercises build muscle and speed up your metabolism.

2. Walk or bike to work, if practical.

3. Walk the stairs instead of riding in the elevator.

4. Do exercises on the stability ball.

5. Jump rope during work breaks.

6. Get a group of co-workers to walk together. This keeps exercise fun and supportive.

7. Challenge other departments to a volleyball or soccer game once or twice a week. This is for bragging rights! You won’t even think of it as exercise. The best exercise is fun exercise!

An active life is part of a quality life. Take advantage of all your opportunities to improve your overall fitness and health.

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