Burn Body Fat To Lean And Tone

Did you burn fat and reach your fat loss goals so far this year? You didn't set fat loss goals? If not, get your body fat percentage checked and start tracking it.

You should use your body fat percentage to determine whether your body is really changing. If you are burning fat and losing inches, you are on the way to being successful with your weight loss and fat loss program.

You can weigh the same amount and still be successful. How? Burn body fat. If you weigh the same but your body fat percentage decreases by 10%, your body is changing to more lean and toned. Soon, you will begin to lose weight and it will stay off. As you build muscle mass, your body will shrink and your metabolism will speed up.

Here are some weight loss and fat loss tips to determine if you are on the path to success:

1. Check your body fat percentage every week to see if your body is shrinking. If the weigh scale doesn't change, you are doing the right things if your body fat percentage decreases.

2. Seek expert guidance if your way is not working. Personal trainers can be great sources to help you visualize goals, individualize workout programs and give you valuable feedback to make improvements.

3. Make sure you are eating enough food. Many of you have wrecked your metabolisms by eating too few calories during the day. If you have been eating 1000 calories a day for months and months, your body has shifted into survival mode and is storing body fat.

For instance, my basal metabolic rate (how many calories my body would burn if I did nothing all day) is about 2000 calories. If I eat 2000 calories and burn 500 calories through exercise and daily activity, I will still lose weight and burn fat (500 calorie deficit).

If I starve myself and eat 1200 calories (1300 calorie deficit) day after day, my body will rebel and store body fat. A 1300 calorie deficit is too large (severe calorie restriction).

4. Is your workout program adequate. Are you working out hard enough? Are you over-training? You need the right mix of exercise and rest to be successful with weight loss and fat loss.

Two to 3 days of weight training (30-40 minutes a session) and 2-3 days of interval cardio (20 minutes a session) will give you the workouts you need to be successful.

Circuit weight training is a proven fat-burning method. Change up your workouts every 2-3 weeks to keep your body guessing.

5. Are you getting enough sleep? More and more, I am seeing clients who are not sleeping enough and resting too little (over-training). You need both for your metabolism to work properly. Most of us need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. And, you should not workout every day. Take at least 1 day off from working out.

Make the needed changes to reach your weight loss and fat loss goals!

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